YAMAHA T135 Scooter 2005-2016 Workshop Service Manual

Yamaha T135 / T135S / T135SE Service Manual for models:
Sniper / Jupiter MX / Spark 135 / Exciter / 135LC
The T135 debuted in 2005 for the Thailand and Indonesian markets, and then the Malaysian market in February 2006. The model was very successful in Southeast Asia especially in Thailand.

To promote the T135, Yamaha organized a 9,000 km (5,600 mi) road tour of ASEAN countries in November 2005 through May 2006, passing through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

In 2008, the fuel injected version of the T135 was launched for the Thailand market (dubbed as Spark 135i), making it the second underbone motorcycle using fuel injection after the Honda's Wave 125i. There are 3 main Yamaha factories that assembled the T135. These are Indonesia, Thailand and newest is Philippines.

In 2011, the T135 was facelifted with a new body design. The transmission of the Malaysia's and Indonesia's manual clutch variant was revised to 5-speed transmission from the previous 4-speed as an upgrade. Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia produced a cut-off from the CDI which limits the motorcycle's performance for the facelifted version.

In 2016, the manual clutch variant of the T135 was discontinued, as the T-150 made its debut. The automatic clutch variant is still sold.

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General Information
Periodic Checks and Adjustments
Cooling System
Fuel System
Electrical System

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